Saturday, December 25, 2010

What a WONDERFUL day!

'tis the season to be jolly..
very true statement.
i am jolly.
why you may ask?
for all the AMAZING people in my life.
they mean the world to me.
thank you all for making this a
WONDERFUL Christmas day!
love you all!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gregory Lee Bishop
i love the way you laugh
i love the way you smile
i love the way you hold me
i love the way you can brighten my day
i love how you always open my door
i love that i know i can trust you
i love the way you make me feel like a princess
i love the way you love your family
i love the way you're always there for me
i love how honest you are with me
i love the way you laugh at yourself
i love how you give me a hard time
i love the way you kiss me
i love that i know i can depend on you
i love the way you love me
i love that i know you're mine
i love you, baby
always and forever

Sunday, October 24, 2010

time FLY'S by when you're having FUN!!

time fly's when you're having fun.
guess that's why i've been absent for sooo long.
lets start at the very beginning,
that's a very good place to start.
soo.. august.
greg busted his leg.
vegas with the girlies.
katelyn marie payne MITCHELL
drove to canada with the fam.. only to get turned away. haha.
i turned 21!!!
right as the clock turned 12.. greg told me he loves me.
(best night of my life!!!)
got an AWESOME birthday present from sister fred.
(big letter and a tape!! woooooo!!)
heatha turned 29.. she's old!!
conference. it was most lovely.
bryce's mission farewell.
melissa johnson is ENGAGED!!
moved back home.. blah.
lydia kay maughan was born on 10/19 at 10:19.
today, was the primary program..
greg came :)
and.. tomorrow is gen's 5th birthday!!
(still need to get a present.. oops!)

just one more thing before i post this...
i love greg lee bishop.
just sayin.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

way too long..

due to not having internet
i have been forced to take a leave of absence

but guess who's back...
that's right! me!
so here is just a quick update..

i got a kitty!!
his name is raffiki :)

anne and myself snuck into glenwood
and watched a movie by the pool

kika, sister, me
went and watched merady perform at velor

she's pretty much bomb dot com

teya, anne, me
on our way to the dunes!

cassity ann
crazy girl. i love her.

cheers.. to beer with roots!!

kicked it with chadly..

ain't it purdy??

provo canyon


yes.. i touched his butt

my fav

selling goodies while watchin davie do his thang

we ventured upon our broken school

sad sad day :(

out of control


little hooligans visited

sand dunes bebe

oh. and then there's this little bugger..
ain't he cute?? :)

well there's more so...
i'll get to that haha

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lost in 108 seconds

for those who didn't watch Lost..

..this pretty much sums it up.

Monday, May 24, 2010

this is just beautiful..

i will always love you..
nuff said.

wow.. really??

may 24, 2010

april showers bring may flowers
that is not the case this year..
merry christmas!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

TWO lovely

i made this.

petty cool birthday cake eh?
..chad skiing down a mountain..
in woman form.
haha :)

i don't know what it is about this little bugger..
but it gets me every time.
my mouth keeps saying no, no, no.
but my heart is screaming yes, yes... YES!!
i just want to make the right decision.
which is quite a difficult thing to do.

our little love affair is officially over..
i shall miss you.
especially you,
desmond and sawyer.
just know that i will always love you!

Monday, May 17, 2010

may 15, 2010
10 AM
we had our state championship game

kristin and i prepared to be crazy fans
but i ended up going to the coaches side..


kapp, me, brenna, jack, nikki, tacy, kahryn

receiving our medals :)

that's right
kiss it

missy wrote my name in arabic
that is what she is pointing at..
i feel so special :)

morgan got MVP goalie in the WHOLE division

brenna got MVP offense in the WHOLE division
AND MVP of the state game!
look at us..
hording all the awards ;)

oh.. and boyfriend needs to learn how to cheer for his girlfriend.
he's too quiet.

our lovely captians

having our last cheer..


way to go girls!!
i am so proud of you and honored that i was your coach :)
can't wait for next year..
when we're in DIVISION 1!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

i love eighties.
i wish everyone loved eighties like us.
me and girlfriend,
we have a blast.

so last week at eighties we ran into people i thought i would never see there.
i have begged and begged.
so a little surprised when i ran into these hoodlums?
yes indeed i was.

this is warren.
he lives above chad.. i believe.

chad's roommates chris and jon.

last but not least,
this lovely.
he was the biggest shocker.

now what made them come??
i have no idea...
i'd like to see if they come again tho.
so we wait and see..

besides all that i got to dance along side of my dear friend roxana :)
she is absolutely beautiful.

these hoodlums we met as we were leaving.
they had a sick fascination with my moon boots.

and when creepers came around..
this unknown boy walked us to our car.
the people we meet at eighties.. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

about time



well it's about time..

you walgreens.
we finally met tonight..
i found it slightly awkward but you seem way chill
and cass seems to think we'll hit it off
so i'm game to see if you are..
now lets hit up bowling :)
booh yeh.

Monday, May 10, 2010

what a day!!

first off,
today is my darling older
yet smaller
brother's 30th birthday!

thanks for always being there for me.
for being my friend.
for supporting me.
and for just being the amazing big brother that i need.
i love you! :)

this is not all we have been celebrating today..

i know this is bad, but i idolize them.
they came to concert today..
i got off work in advance so i could go..
then something came up.
would you like to know what??
well my lovely lacrosse girls made it to the semi-finals!!
..and the game just happened to be tonight.
so.. i gave up haley for these girls.
AND they won!!
i am sooo glad that i was able to witness it.
and we are going to kick trash..

Trample the Weak!
the Dead!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother dear i love you so,
your happy smiling face!
it's such a joy to see you,
you make home a lovely place!

i love you mommy and i'm so proud to be your daughter!
thanks for all that you do for me and our family!!

Dear George, I've been cheating on you...

life has stolen me away from you.
don't you worry though,
i am changing my ways and coming back to you..
don't you worry my george,
i'm back!

so here are some updates of what my life has been like since the break..

first of all,
i've been coaching Lone Peak with these lovely ladies..

Trample the Weak!
Hurdle the Dead!!

chadly was in a terrible skiing accident..

so i took care of him..

in return,
chad treated me and my brothers to a day of FREE skiing :)
thank you sir.

went to Callie's Cafe with these hoodlums

absolutely love her

Clash of the Titans 3D

we are going though the drive though side by side.
i love us.

Cassity Ann's 20th birthday party

i was asked to leave.
i was a good girl..
so if you want to know,
you'll have to ask me.

bribe to get an A??
ok maybe we did.
haha. jk.
that was our hard work.. ;)

kika and i got a little crazy with the make-up..

Haleigh's ENGAGED!!!

while looking for houses we ran into these hoodlums..
couldn't take their hands off my puppy. haha.


her "friend" and brother

cinco de mayo

i had a fiesta with kika..

where we red boxed..

and dyed her hair.

not a happy camper..

well that was my life in fast forward for you.
still some things i need to tell you so i'll be back :)