Thursday, May 13, 2010

i love eighties.
i wish everyone loved eighties like us.
me and girlfriend,
we have a blast.

so last week at eighties we ran into people i thought i would never see there.
i have begged and begged.
so a little surprised when i ran into these hoodlums?
yes indeed i was.

this is warren.
he lives above chad.. i believe.

chad's roommates chris and jon.

last but not least,
this lovely.
he was the biggest shocker.

now what made them come??
i have no idea...
i'd like to see if they come again tho.
so we wait and see..

besides all that i got to dance along side of my dear friend roxana :)
she is absolutely beautiful.

these hoodlums we met as we were leaving.
they had a sick fascination with my moon boots.

and when creepers came around..
this unknown boy walked us to our car.
the people we meet at eighties.. :)

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