Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear George, I've been cheating on you...

life has stolen me away from you.
don't you worry though,
i am changing my ways and coming back to you..
don't you worry my george,
i'm back!

so here are some updates of what my life has been like since the break..

first of all,
i've been coaching Lone Peak with these lovely ladies..

Trample the Weak!
Hurdle the Dead!!

chadly was in a terrible skiing accident..

so i took care of him..

in return,
chad treated me and my brothers to a day of FREE skiing :)
thank you sir.

went to Callie's Cafe with these hoodlums

absolutely love her

Clash of the Titans 3D

we are going though the drive though side by side.
i love us.

Cassity Ann's 20th birthday party

i was asked to leave.
i was a good girl..
so if you want to know,
you'll have to ask me.

bribe to get an A??
ok maybe we did.
haha. jk.
that was our hard work.. ;)

kika and i got a little crazy with the make-up..

Haleigh's ENGAGED!!!

while looking for houses we ran into these hoodlums..
couldn't take their hands off my puppy. haha.


her "friend" and brother

cinco de mayo

i had a fiesta with kika..

where we red boxed..

and dyed her hair.

not a happy camper..

well that was my life in fast forward for you.
still some things i need to tell you so i'll be back :)

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  1. phhh hahahaha hmmm I think I'll use that last picture of me for the dating website--- oh yeahhhh