Wednesday, August 4, 2010

way too long..

due to not having internet
i have been forced to take a leave of absence

but guess who's back...
that's right! me!
so here is just a quick update..

i got a kitty!!
his name is raffiki :)

anne and myself snuck into glenwood
and watched a movie by the pool

kika, sister, me
went and watched merady perform at velor

she's pretty much bomb dot com

teya, anne, me
on our way to the dunes!

cassity ann
crazy girl. i love her.

cheers.. to beer with roots!!

kicked it with chadly..

ain't it purdy??

provo canyon


yes.. i touched his butt

my fav

selling goodies while watchin davie do his thang

we ventured upon our broken school

sad sad day :(

out of control


little hooligans visited

sand dunes bebe

oh. and then there's this little bugger..
ain't he cute?? :)

well there's more so...
i'll get to that haha