Sunday, October 24, 2010

time FLY'S by when you're having FUN!!

time fly's when you're having fun.
guess that's why i've been absent for sooo long.
lets start at the very beginning,
that's a very good place to start.
soo.. august.
greg busted his leg.
vegas with the girlies.
katelyn marie payne MITCHELL
drove to canada with the fam.. only to get turned away. haha.
i turned 21!!!
right as the clock turned 12.. greg told me he loves me.
(best night of my life!!!)
got an AWESOME birthday present from sister fred.
(big letter and a tape!! woooooo!!)
heatha turned 29.. she's old!!
conference. it was most lovely.
bryce's mission farewell.
melissa johnson is ENGAGED!!
moved back home.. blah.
lydia kay maughan was born on 10/19 at 10:19.
today, was the primary program..
greg came :)
and.. tomorrow is gen's 5th birthday!!
(still need to get a present.. oops!)

just one more thing before i post this...
i love greg lee bishop.
just sayin.

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