Wednesday, January 20, 2010

for reals?

a stranger.
you treat me just like a stranger.
well it was nice to meet you sir.
i guess i'll go.
i best be on my way out.

you sing it haleigh.
change is good.

i mean come on.
are we two years old now?
but me?
not gonna lie, i'm a little hurt.
and pissed.
i tried to make things good but it seems that you don't want that.
i congratulate you.
and when i did, it was from the heart.
least you can do is say thanks.
i was genuinely happy for you..
and now all i feel is,
go to hell.
pardon my french.
(too harsh? ya. i would never really wish that for ANYONE. just sayin.)

but in reality i'm still happy for you.
means you're out of my life.
thank you for that.
and at the same time i still wish we were friends.
cause there will always be a place for you in my heart.
no matter what goes down.
why is that??
but the great thing is that i'm over you.

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